We offer lessons for all experience levels and ensure you learn everything you need to know to practice kitesurfing safely and confidently. Our experience allows us to cater to your specific needs, and each lesson is adjusted based on your learning curve to optimize your progress and ensure that you have a great time. We believe in catering our packages and lessons to fit your individual needs and skill level. These packages provide an idea of what to expect when learning to kite.



2-3 hours
1 to 2 days

This package is ideal if you don’t have a lot time in Kalpitiya, or you just want to get a taste to find out if kitesurfing is for you! You will begin by learning key theory and practicing basic kite maneuvers on land. You will then take the kite to the water to discover the feeling behind kiting.


7-10 hours
3 to 4 days

If you’re spending a few days in Kalpitiya and want to feel the pull of the kite with the board beneath your feet, this package is for you! You will begin by learning key theory and practicing basic kite maneuvers on land. After strengthening your kite control skills in the water, you will proceed to learning to water-starts and standing on the board.


10-13 hours
4 to 5 days

This package is for those who want to ride independently and safely on their own. After this course, you will be able to rent or buy your own gear to continue practicing without supervision. You will learning all of the theory behind kiting, how to setup and manage your equipment safely, and how to assess wind conditions.


Time Private Group
1 hour lesson 50 USD 35 USD
3 hour Teaser 150 USD 105 USD
5 hour Beginner 250 USD 175 USD
7 hour Intermediate 320 USD 230 USD
9 hour Let’s Ride 390 USD 270 USD

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