Come and have your best vacation ever.
Learn to kitesurf in a friendly, safe and fun environment!

Why Learn with Us?

Our philosophy

Founded in 2009, Surfpoint takes pride in being a highly professional school. We set high standards in teaching while maintaining an open and relaxed atmosphere. Our experience allows us to customize lessons to optimize your progress and ensure you have a great time.

Be part of a family

We believe that an important part of what makes kitesurfing enjoyable is the kitesurfing community. We consider all of our students as friends and look forward to welcoming you as part of our kitesurfing family.

Great kite spot!

Kalpitiya is one of the best spots in the world to learn and practice kitesurfing. We teach in a pristine flat-water lagoon. As your skills improve, you can progress to riding waves on the ocean side or go on one of our excursions to Magic Island.

Your safety

We take your safety and the safety of other riders very seriously. During classes, you will be outfitted with all the necessary gear to make your experience pleasant and safe. Our lessons also ensure that you will become a safer rider.

Ride on your own

We want to make your vacation a memorable experience by getting you up on the board and riding on your own. Once you’re ready to ride, you can rent equipment to continue practicing. We will continue to keep an eye on you, provide pointers, and ensure you are safe.

Great vacation

Sri-Lanka is a wonderful country to explore, and kitesurfing is a new and exciting sport. What better way to spend a great vacation than combining the two! We would love to be a part of making your vacation a memorable experience.

What our students are saying about Surfpoint


I did especially come to Mui Ne for a kitesurf course. Although Mui Ne is generally windy enough to do some kitesurfing, I was (un)lucky to visit Mui Ne during a few days without any useful wind. Surfpoint offered the perfect solution for the next two days. For a just few dollars more they arranged a private transfer (incl hotel) with a few other kite enthusiasts to a shallow, windy, flat-water lagoon a few hours north of Mui Ne (Phan Rang - Kitesurf hotspot).


Overall I had 6 hours private course with the instructor Chris. It was 6 hours of joy. I had never tried kite before. Surfpoint gave a trustworthy impression, therefore I went here to learn how to kite. Chris was very professional and educational instructor. He was equally stubborn on getting me up on the board as I was before the day was over. It was a very god step by step intructuction with all the safety aspects that you will need to know. The experience I hade with Chris and Surfpoint made me extremly stoked to buy a kite on my own and start kiteing! All instructors are IKO Certified. If I go back to Vietnam and Mui ne again I will definitely go back to Surfpoint and Chris !


3 years ago before when i came to MuiNe for the first time, after seeing so many kites in the sky, I was hooked. Last October i came to MuiNe again with the intention to start learning kite boarding. Due to the instructor then, I didn't make much progress, I was very scared to make mistake therefore I was very nervous while learning, but for kite-boarding it is important to relax yourself and feel the kite. Before I came to Surfpoint I already had 2 hours of Kite-boarding lesson elsewhere. I didn't really think that I would be able to start with the board, but by the 3rd hour with Adam. I was able to Kite-surf on the board! I was thrilled. Special Thanks to Adam! He makes me confident that next time when I kite-boarding I will know exactly what to do.
joe c

Who we are

We’ve managed to gather a unique group of people who have came together through a common passion for teaching and kiting. We are open minded, interactive, and we care more about our students’ progress above all else. We love kitesurfing and hope you'll enjoy it too.