a colleague works on the beach in Kalpitya Lagoon

Kalpitya Lagoon

Kalpitya Lagoon, situated in the Puttalam district of Sri Lanka is a kitesurfing haven. The lagoon is particularly known for delivering 20 to 30 knots of wind during the season. The summer season starts in mid-April and ends in mid-September, known for its strong winds. The winter season extends from December to March, known for its consistent wind, kite surfers can also enjoy full moon surfing during this season.  The lagoon can be enjoyed by both novice and advanced kite surfers due to its perfect location.

Consistent wind and flat water provide ideal conditions for kite surfing. For beginners, this lagoon can provide safety from the open sea and the shallow water at the shoreline can be comforting at the start. Advanced riders can have a total blast here. Consistent winds create perfect conditions to practice and perfect your skills. Kalpitya lagoon has been a stomping ground for pro riders like Ruben Lenten and Mikaili Sol, with emerging local talent Kalpitya lagoon is a must-visit for any kite surfers.