a colleague works on the beach in Kalpitya Lagoon

Kalpitya Lagoon

Kalpitya Lagoon, situated in the Puttalam district of Sri Lanka is a kitesurfing haven. The lagoon is particularly known for delivering 20 to 30 knots of wind

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A train passes over a stone viaduct with local residents sitting on it

How to reach Kalpitya

Kalpitya is situated 120 kilometers from Colombo Airport. Travellers can reach Kalpitya in 3 hours from the airport by a taxi. Kalpitya is also connected

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An elephant walks along a lake shore in Kalpitya

Things to do in Kalpitya

Kitesurfing: The biggest attraction of Kalpitya is kitesurfing. Ranked 4th in the Redbull list for the best kitesurfing spots around the world and considered the

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moon and the ocean

Full Moon Kitesurfing

Full moon Kitesurfing is nothing short of a dream. The perfect conditions of Kudawa beach inKalpitya allow riders an opportunity to kitesurf during full moon

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