Advanced kitesurfing tricks for twin tips

Advanced kitesurfing tricks for twin tips

Once a rider is comfortable and confident with riding upwind, riding toe side, jumps and back rolls he/she can start working on the below.


  • Front Roll
  • Jump and Board grab
  • Rotation Jumps
  • Toe side Backroll
  • Dark Slide
  • Blind Riding
  • Hand Drag
  • Backroll Grab
  • Deadman
  • Frontroll Grab
  • Frontroll Inverted
  • Hand Drag Backroll
  • Frantrum
  • Ollie to Blind
  • One-Footer
  • Double Backroll
  • Frontroll Handrag
  • One Foot Drag
  • Beach Jumo
  • Triple FrontRoll
  • Jesus Walk


  • Unhook Pop
  • Unhook Raley
  • Raley to Toeside
  • Unhook Backroll
  • Unhook Frontroll
  • S-Band
  • Raley to Blind
  • Raley to Wrapped
  • Backroll to Wrapped
  • Blind Judge
  • Frontroll to Blind
  • S-Bend to Blind
  • S-Bend to Blind Airpass
  • 313
  • 315
  • Back Mobe
  • Slim Chance
  • G-Spot
  • Heart Attack
  • KGB
  • S-Mobe
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